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Pro2Serve is a rapidly growing organization and is always looking for qualified employees. We seek highly motivated, talented candidates to join our staff and offer a competitive benefits package to our employees. 

Our EEO Policy

Pro2Serve is an equal opportunity employer (Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans). We recruit, employ, train, compensate, and promote without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state or local law.  To read more about this, view the EEO is the Law poster and this EEO is the Law Poster Supplement

Pay Transparency Statement

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Our on-line process takes every available precaution to protect your privacy and personal information.

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Current Open Positions
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Job TitleJob CodeLocationDuration
Electrical Engineer III2019-P2S-093Albuquerque, NMDirect Hire
Structural Engineer II2019-P2S-094Albuquerque, NMDirect Hire
Project Manager III-Engineering2020-P2S-012Albuquerque, NMDirect Hire
Safety Specialist VI2020-P2S-020Brookhaven, NYDirect Hire
Project Manager IV2019-P2S-108Huntsville, ALDirect Hire
Nuclear Material Manager2020-ETA-002Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Project Controls Engineer2020-ETA-004Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Program Manager II - Paducah & Portsmouth2020-ETA-006Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Information Technology Manager2020-ETA-008Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Incident Responder (Malware Analyst)2018-ETA-001Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Security Specialist (Team Lead)2018-ETA-002Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Security Survey Specialist2018-ETA-005Lexington, KYDirect Hire
SSIMS Operator2018-ETA-008Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Program Analyst I2018-ETA-010Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Technical Writer/Editor2018-ETA-011Lexington, KYDirect Hire
IT/Cyber/S&S Technical Writer/Editor2018-ETA-012Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Technical Writer/Editor2018-ETA-013Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Paralegal2018-ETA-014Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Graphics Desinger2018-ETA-015Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Records Management and Document Control Manager2018-ETA-016Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Records Management Technician2018-ETA-017Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Document Control Specialist2018-ETA-018Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Administrative Assistant II2018-ETA-020Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Administrative Assistant I2018-ETA-021Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Project Planning Specialist2018-ETA-024Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Lead Scheduler2018-ETA-025Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Cost Estimator2018-ETA-026Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Financial Analyst II2018-ETA-028Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Financial Analyst I2018-ETA-029Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Subject Matter Expert III2018-ETA-034Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Subject Matter Expert II2018-ETA-035Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Subject Matter Expert I2018-ETA-036Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist2018-ETA-037Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Safety Specialist2018-ETA-039Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Regulatory Specialist IV2018-ETA-040Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Regulatory Specialist III2018-ETA-041Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Nuclear Criticality Engineer IV2018-ETA-042Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Engineer III2018-ETA-044Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Engineer II2018-ETA-045Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Engineer I2018-ETA-046Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Process Engineer/Facility Specialist IV2018-ETA-047Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Process Engineer/Facility Specialist III2018-ETA-048Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Waste Engineer IV2018-ETA-049Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Nuclear Criticality Engineer III2018-ETA-050Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Waste Engineer III2018-ETA-051Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Fire Protection Specialist2018-ETA-052Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Certified Industrial Hygienist2018-ETA-054Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Emergency Management Specialist2018-ETA-055Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist2018-ETA-056Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Nuclear Safety Engineer2018-ETA-057Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Non-Destructive Assay Engineer2018-ETA-058Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Environmental Risk Assessor2018-ETA-059Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Application Developer2018-ETA-060Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Database Administrator2018-ETA-061Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior System Administrator2018-ETA-062Lexington, KYDirect Hire
System Administrator2018-ETA-063Lexington, KYDirect Hire
End User Support Specialist2018-ETA-064Lexington, KYDirect Hire
IT Project Manager2018-ETA-065Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Network Administrator2018-ETA-066Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Cyber Security Specialist2018-ETA-067Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Cyber Security Analyst2018-ETA-068Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Cyber Security Specialist2018-ETA-069Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Cyber Security Analyst2018-ETA-070Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Senior Penetration Tester2018-ETA-071Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Penetration Tester2018-ETA-072Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Incident Responder (Generalist)2018-ETA-073Lexington, KYDirect Hire
Programmer Analyst VI2020-P2S-014Livermore, CADirect Hire
Network Administrator/Engineer V2019-P2S-031Livermore, CADirect Hire
Administrative Assistant I2020-P2S-002Los Alamos, NMDirect Hire
Records Manager2019-P2S-106Los Alamos, NMDirect Hire
Cost Estimator-Senior2020-P2S-009Los Alamos, NMDirect Hire
Environmental Technician I2020-PBS-002Moab, UTDirect Hire
Student Intern I2020-P2S-021Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Project Manager IV2020-P2S-007Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Program Manager II2020-P2S-016Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Structural Engineer I2019-P2S-061Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Electrical Engineer III2019-P2S-062Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Architect II2019-P2S-063Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Mechanical Engineer IV2019-P2S-064Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Mechanical Engineer II2019-P2S-067Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Structural Engineer II2019-P2S-068Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Project Manager IV2019-P2S-098Oak Ridge, TNDirect Hire
Cyber Security Specialist2019-ETA-132Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Cyber Security Analyst2019-ETA-134Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Penetration Tester2019-ETA-136Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Incident Responder (Generalist)2019-ETA-138Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Incident Responder (Malware Analyst)2019-ETA-001Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Security Specialist2019-ETA-005Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Security Survey Lead2019-ETA-007Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Security Analyst2019-ETA-011Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Nuclear Material Inventory & Accountability Specialist2019-ETA-013Paducah, KYDirect Hire
SSIMS Operator2019-ETA-015Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Program Analyst II2019-ETA-017Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Program Analyst I2019-ETA-019Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Technical Writer/Editor2019-ETA-021Paducah, KYDirect Hire
IT/Cyber/S&S Technical Writer/Editor2019-ETA-023Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Technical Writer/Editor2019-ETA-025Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Paralegal2019-ETA-027Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Graphics Desinger2019-ETA-029Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Records Management Technician2019-ETA-033Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Document Control Specialist2019-ETA-035Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Administrative Assistant III2019-ETA-037Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Administrative Assistant II2019-ETA-039Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Administrative Assistant I2019-ETA-041Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Project Controls Engineer2019-ETA-043Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Project Controls Engineer2019-ETA-046Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Project Planning Specialist2019-ETA-048Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Lead Scheduler2019-ETA-050Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Cost Estimator2019-ETA-052Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Cost Estimator2019-ETA-053Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Financial Analyst III2019-ETA-054Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Financial Analyst II2019-ETA-056Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Financial Analyst I2019-ETA-058Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Accountant/Auditor2019-ETA-060Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Contract Specialist2019-ETA-062Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Public Affairs Specialist2019-ETA-064Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Public Affairs Specialist2019-ETA-065Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Engineer II2019-ETA-066Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Engineer IV or Subject Matter Expert2019-ETA-068Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Subject Matter Expert II2019-ETA-070Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Subject Matter Expert I2019-ETA-072Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Technical Writer / Editor2019-ETA-075Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Safety Specialist2019-ETA-079Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Regulatory Specialist IV2019-ETA-081Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Regulatory Specialist III2019-ETA-083Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Engineer V2019-ETA-087Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Engineer IV2019-ETA-088Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Engineer III2019-ETA-089Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Engineer II2019-ETA-091Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Nuclear Criticality Engineer IV2019-ETA-085Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Engineer I2019-ETA-093Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Waste Engineer IV2019-ETA-097Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Nuclear Criticality Engineer III2019-ETA-099Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Waste Engineer III2019-ETA-101Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Fire Protection Specialist2019-ETA-103Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Certified Health Physicist2019-ETA-105Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Certified Industrial Hygienist2019-ETA-107Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Emergency Management Specialist2019-ETA-109Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist2019-ETA-111Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Non-Destructive Assay Engineer2019-ETA-115Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Environmental Risk Assessor2019-ETA-117Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Application Developer2019-ETA-119Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Database Administrator2019-ETA-121Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior System Administrator2019-ETA-123Paducah, KYDirect Hire
System Administrator2019-ETA-125Paducah, KYDirect Hire
End User Support Specialist2019-ETA-126Paducah, KYDirect Hire
IT Project Manager2019-ETA-128Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Network Administrator2019-ETA-130Paducah, KYDirect Hire
Senior Network Administrator2019-ETA-131Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
IT Project Manager2019-ETA-129Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
End User Support Specialist2019-ETA-127Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior System Administrator2019-ETA-124Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Database Administrator2019-ETA-122Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Application Developer2019-ETA-120Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Environmental Risk Assessor2019-ETA-118Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist2019-ETA-112Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Nuclear Safety Engineer2019-ETA-114Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Emergency Management Specialist2019-ETA-110Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Certified Health Physicist2019-ETA-106Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Fire Protection Specialist2019-ETA-104Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Waste Engineer III2019-ETA-102Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Nuclear Criticality Engineer III2019-ETA-100Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Waste Engineer IV2019-ETA-098Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Process Engineer/Facility Specialist IV2019-ETA-096Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Nuclear Criticality Engineer IV2019-ETA-086Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Engineer II2019-ETA-092Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Regulatory Specialist III2019-ETA-084Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Regulatory Specialist IV2019-ETA-082Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Safety Specialist2019-ETA-080Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist2019-ETA-076Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Subject Matter Expert I2019-ETA-074Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Subject Matter Expert II2019-ETA-071Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Subject Matter Expert III2019-ETA-069Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Accountant/Auditor2019-ETA-061Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Financial Analyst I2019-ETA-059Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Financial Analyst II2019-ETA-057Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Lead Scheduler2019-ETA-051Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Project Planning Specialist2019-ETA-049Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Project Controls Engineer2019-ETA-044Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Project Controls Engineer2019-ETA-045Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Administrative Assistant I2019-ETA-042Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Administrative Assistant II2019-ETA-040Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Document Control Specialist2019-ETA-036Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Records Management Technician2019-ETA-034Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Graphics Desinger2019-ETA-030Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Records Management and Document Control Manager2019-ETA-032Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Paralegal2019-ETA-028Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Technical Writer/Editor2019-ETA-026Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
IT/Cyber/S&S Technical Writer/Editor2019-ETA-024Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Technical Writer/Editor2019-ETA-022Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Program Analyst I2019-ETA-020Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
SSIMS Operator2019-ETA-016Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Nuclear Material Inventory & Accountability Specialist2019-ETA-014Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Security Analyst2019-ETA-012Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Security Survey Lead2019-ETA-008Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Security Survey Specialist2019-ETA-010Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Security Specialist2019-ETA-006Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Incident Responder (Malware Analyst)2019-ETA-002Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Incident Responder (Generalist)2019-ETA-139Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Senior Penetration Tester2019-ETA-137Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Cyber Security Analyst2019-ETA-135Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Cyber Security Specialist2019-ETA-133Portsmouth, OHDirect Hire
Radiation Protection Specialist III2020-P2S-017Ventura, CADirect Hire
Waste Management Specialist III2020-P2S-018Ventura, CADirect Hire
Safety Specialist VI2020-P2S-019Ventura, CADirect Hire
Test Engineer Analyst2019-P2S-101Washington, DCDirect Hire